allies on the journey

MONOM positions itself as an ally, offering support customized to business managers and their businesses, helping them reveal their contributors’ hidden talents.

«The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.»

This popular saying, coined by Aristotle, illustrates well the human potential that is found inside the figurative walls of a business.

Prosperous businesses recognize the value of contribution, in which each employee plays an essential role in achieving common goals.

If only we knew how to bring this potential to the surface, and put it to the business’ and collaborators’ good use…

In stories, each member of the heroic team brings unique skills, perspectives and qualities that complement each other.

These heroes are often called upon to adjust to unexpected changes and reversals  within the team, or in the quest itself.

The role of the guide in these situations can be vital to the success completion of the quest, and in establishing a new balance and maintaining group synergy.


Our offer



What is it about

The coaching approach is aimed at managers and their teams who wish to :

  • welcome a new manager
  • identify strengths and weaknesses in team constitution
  • forge links between teams and teammates
  • amplify synergy
  • identify internal talent and secure its retention
  • deepen the sense of belonging
  • value the unique contribution of employees
  • increase efficiency and pleasure at work

The goal is to highlight the unique strengths of each team member, pooling them to serve the company’s projects, aligned with its mission and vision, and values


The process

The coaching plan is co-created together with you based on your goals and perceived obstacles. It is customized to your situation.

The main stages are as follows:

  1. Taking stock
  2. Clarification of objectives
  3. Analysis of possibilities
  4. Co-creation of a support plan
  5. Implementation and follow-up

Implementation is done through a mix of individual and team meetings, in-person and/or via videoconference, and includes the discovery of the Identity-based Iterative Operating Mode (MO2i).