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behind monom

Alix némorin


I help human beings transform themselves to open up their realm of possibilities and get them and their projects back on track when it no longer seems possible.

Trained engineer, I have held a number of positions, working my way up to General Manager. In every role I’ve played, my greatest asset has been to create a safe space for my colleagues, enabling them to develop and use their skills with complete confidence.

Concurrently I became interested in my own personal development, looking for the best tools and methods for human managers.

In search of what my contribution to the world could be, I discovered my operating mode with which I have excellence of action with Joël Guillon. I knew immediately that the MO2I concept was a key to unlocking inner power and letting its magic work, without the feeling of imposture.

It was while deepening understanding of my excellence of action that I discovered the hero’s journey, or Monomyth, which became the inspiration for Monom.


Project engineering, 8 yrs

Contrinuous Improvement, 2 yrs

General Management, 7 yrs

Digital transformation, 1 yr


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Business Mastery

Strategic Intervention

Leadership and Management Skills

Excellence of Action

Integral Systemic Restructuring  (ongoing)

Energy Restructuring (ongoing)