what is it about

The coaching approach is aimed at any individual wishing to improve the quality of his or her life in one or many spheres of experience, whether this involves :

  • specific projects
  • self-knowledge
  • interpersonal relationships
  • self-confidence
  • professional life and transition
  • family life
  • time management
  • or any other dimension of your life

The aim of the process is to enable you to take a step back from your current perspective on events, and to identify and implement the strategies and tactics that will enable you to see things more clearly and move forward in your quest.


being a coachee

The coaching plan is co-created together with you based on your goals and perceived obstacles. It’s a personalized approach to your situation.

The main stages are as follows:

  1. Taking stock
  2. Clarification of objectives
  3. Analysis of possibilities
  4. Co-creation of a support plan
  5. Implementation and follow-up




individual coaching

Each coaching session lasts 75 minutes, and takes place in person in Marieville, or by videoconference.


specific project coaching

Follows a co-created plan and happens  over a variable number of sessions, on a case by case basis. Sessions last from 30 to 120 minutes and take place in person in Marieville, or by videoconference.

Custom package


orientation call

The orientation call establishes your goals and helps you choose the type of support that’s right for you. This 20-minute call is free of charge.