monom : your ally


the company

Monom was created in 2023 with the vision of being the ally of choice for transforming the world.

At the heart every transformations lies the human being. At the heart of human beings is their uniqueness. At Monom, our mission is to enable this uniqueness to express itself consciously and autonomously.

In this way, we accompany our customers on the journey that enables them to remain loyal and honest to themselves.


our network

Joel Guillon

A researcher rooted in reality, with the will to act to change the world:

  • understand how people work and discover the best in each of them.
  • focus on action, ignoring behaviors, attitudes and psychological characteristics.

It was in his desire to help self-employed workers that he developed the Operational Excellence method. He discovered that each of us has a single modus operandi, which, when put into practice, makes us extremely powerful and effective.

Joel GUILLON has opened up a new way of understanding people, to help everyone, individually and collectively, to work with pleasure and financial serenity.

Institut MO2i

The Institut de l’Excellence d’Action’s Extended Social Purpose is to enable each person :

  • to become the author-creator of his or her life by identifying his or her original kinetics in action, i.e. the Iterative Identity-based Operating Mode (Mo2i) which represents his or her tacit, unconscious know-how in terms of action processes,
  • to have this Iterative Identity-based Operating Mode (Mo2i) recognized and mobilized to discover and exercise a professional or personal activity that will enable each person to contribute to society to the best of his or her ability, thus finding his or her place and raison d’être.