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Your Own Obstacle

You would like to overcome fear and limiting beliefs standing in your way as obstacles to achieving your goals.

Critical State

You hope to save your project which seems on the verge of collapse, threatening your objectives and bringing you to the crossroads.


You want to regain control of a first-hand situation which is progressively deteriorating and creeping out of your grasp.


You want to change the world, leave your mark. You are looking to discover your creative genius, your zone of excellence or that of your team

Allies on the journey

MONOM positions itself as an ally, offering personalized support to help you transform the world through identifying your way of excellence in action, enabling you to break through the obstacles standing in your way.


We are sometimes suddenly held back in our tracks by obstacles in our path. Some of them may seem insurmountable, leaving us in a difficult situation.

What follows is a feeling of powerlessness in the face of circumstances, leading us to consider giving up our projects and our dreams.

If only we knew how to keep going…

Story heroes eventually face their greatest fear and sometimes even death before (re)discovering their true power that helps unravel the final twist.

What would the fate of these heroes be without the mentors and allies who support them, essential parts to the plot and the success of their quest?


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Your Operating Mode (MO2I)

Discovering your expert’s signature, your creative genius, your excellence in action.

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A co-created support plan tailored to the obstacles standing in the way of your goals.

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what people are saying


I’ve really discovered things about myself that I’d taken for granted, without really knowing I was doing them, and I have new awareness of them. It helped me to see a new quality in myself, a new impression, a new reflection of myself in the mirror. Today, I’ve regained my self-confidence and feel that I’m capable of taking charge and managing projects, organizing and coordinating them.

Josyanne Dupré


It’s in a climate of caring and listening, in coaching with Alix, that I undertook an inner journey to meet my true nature. Being curious, I wanted to discover and rediscover certain facets of my personality, as well as to question the fundamental values that influence my life path. There’s great richness in stopping and taking the time to invest in yourself. This inspiring quest enabled me to reflect on my operating mode and shed light on what defined me as a person. An enriching and rewarding experience!

Myriame Hurtubise

Marketing Director