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what is it about

The Iterative Idendity-based Operating Mode (MO2I)

Remember a time when you were absolutely focused on a task or activity, to the point of losing track of time. Everything seemed obvious, easy, and you couldn’t help but be in the flow. You were efficient and elegant, just like a river flowing between rocks without them getting in the way. There’s no doubt about it, the engine of your Iterative Identity-based Operating Mode  (MO2I) was firing on all cylinders!

The concept of MO2I refers to a process, a sequence of actions that you implement from a reality A that doesn’t suit you, to transform it into a reality B that pleases you more.

You created and perfected your MO2I between the ages of 0 and 16, amidst the physical, emotional and psychological  context in which you grew up and the events that occurred there. It’s called identity-based because it’s part of your identity and helps define it. It also has the attribute of being iterative, as it is constantly in function. It’s your expert signature, your creative genius, your excellence that gives you pleasure in action.



discovering your mo2i

Discovering your MO2I opens the door to a new experience of the World in which :

  • we become aware of our superpower and our area of excellence
  • we now know how to identify contexts that are conducive to effective decision-making and fluidity of action
  • we have a better understanding of our relationship with the World, the power of our body-mind, our creative genius and our preference for action
  • we know how to choose a rewarding occupation giving us more pleasure and feeling less effort
  • we learn to feel compassion for others and ourselves
  • we recognize our power to contribute to and transform the world

    about the mo2i

    MO2I has the particularity of being stored in your procedural memory, i.e. the part of your autonomic nervous system where automatisms are recorded. This is also where the embodied knowledge of all the cognitive and motor operational sequences involved in activities such as walking, cycling, speaking, etc. resides. These operations are memorized without words. As a result: we know how to do, but we can’t say what we’re doing.

    The MO2I is your expert signature, your genius, your excellence that allows you to have fun in action. Together, we’ll put words to what you do.


    offers (CAD)

    mo2i discovery – individual

    This individual coaching is built of 5 sessions 1-2 hours in duration spread over 2 months.


    (possible in 2, 3 or 4 installments)

    mo2i discovery – workshop

    This group workshop accepts 4-5 participants, and takes place over the course of 2 back-to-back days. It allows for rich exchanges among participants and facilitates the integration of the MO2I.

    1567 +tx

    (possible in 2, 3 or 4 installments)

    Upcoming workshops & dates

    Brossard (French): February 17-18, 2024

    mo2i discovery – teen

    A two- to three-hour MO2I discovery session. This session is aimed at teenagers and young adults aged between 17 and 19, and is designed to help them identify their preference for action that they can then consider in their life choices.

    787 +tx

    (possible in 2 installments)

    Pre-requisite: Preliminary interview with the teenager and his/her parents


    genesis session

    Two to three hours of individual support to deepen your understanding of MO2I, enabling you to understand how you created your operating mode between the ages of 0 and 16.

    787 +tx

    (possible in 2 installments)

    Pre-requisite: MO2I discovery


    orientation call

    The orientation call establishes your goals and helps you choose the type of support that’s right for you. This 20-minute call is free of charge.